SIT 52 Four Points - Bridgestone

SIT 52 Four Points - Bridgetsone
Stories In Trance is proud to present our 52nd release and the first solo single from Ukrainian Igor Kravchuk under his Four Points guise with Bridgestone. This three track package includes the original, Lev Rubel and Konstantin Svilev remixes and all three once again perfectly illustrate the diversity of our releases; a fine representation offering something for everyone.Released world wide on Monday 21st February 2013.


2013 Mission Statement

As Stories In trance enters it's third year, we'd like to bring you up to speed with how things are shaping up for 2013.

As we continue to gain recognition for our unique and innovative approach in bringing an eclectic range of trance to you, with global support from some top DJs and an ever growing roster of artists who want to work with us, we have taken on a new member to our team. Welcome Dan Garton, who brings his vast technical expertise to Stories In Trance to oversee the audio production for many of our releases. Not only is he skilled in the finer arts of sound dynamics, but he'll be lending his talents to further tweaks to the website. Dan shares our vision of expressing creativity with no boundaries, so he'll fit right in.

We are regularly inundated with promos from a wide range of artists on a global scale, and to those who do not get the nod please do not be disheartened, but the standards continue to be elevated, so keep expressing yourself! We have taken on several new producers who I'm sure will have an impact, and there is some top class new material from Konstantin Svilev, David Surok, Lev Rubel, Sakiva and India's finest, Aftermorning Productions. In addition, we continue to present the finest from our stable including new work from Derrick Meyer, Vinganza, Max Stealthy, White Motion, Soundwave, spArk, Igor Stroom, Forenetix, Sanglare, BB Sound and a return for the talent that is DJ Faisi- nice to have you back Faisal! Plus, we continue to proudly showcase originals and remixes from the BXR legends Bismark (Marco Bisegna & Andrea Tamashi), who deserve their place in the trance hall of fame after plentiful brilliance as part of the Media Records empire some years back. It is a pleasure to have them on board.

After being involved in trance for over 15 years, we thought it was time to start creating some tracks. It was never something that was a pressing issue, as we wanted the standards to be high and are quite happy showcasing the work of others, but with the addition of the aforementioned Dan we have conceived a trance beauty. We have used top studio equipment to give it a proper trance feel, trance as we knew it, and created something expressive and unique. Coming soon, we give you Garton & Carter present Triumvirate with the power trancer 'The Persistence Of Memory'. And to add even more weight behind this project, we'll be serving up remixes from big timer Bismark, plus divine reinterpretations from rising stars Ico and French Skies. This one is going to be massive, so keep an ear out for this one soon, it is really gonna kick off!

Post 50th release (the massive Apollo Relaunched from Airborne Angel) the release artwork has undergone a slight refresh. We retain our distinctive logo, it's just an evolution to the theme. As we are not a label like all the others, the graphics continue to reflect our ethos of boundless creativity projected through an eclectic catalogue of  releases that do not adhere to industry standards: we define our own. No Stories In trance 'Deep', 'Dark' 'Progressive' or whatever. We'll let the music define itself through you, the listener, not what category we put it in. Every release expresses the emotional diversity of life, and reflects strength in adaptability. You don't know what you are going to get before you have played the track, and boxing up art into predefined sub-genres takes all the magic away from discovering new ways to feel engaged by what artists are trying to convey through their aural poetry. This is music as we believe it should be. Pure, brilliant, untainted trance.

So, as our story continues, we hope you'll find the value in what we are, and how we do it. This will be a good year. I hope you'll share it with us.

This is Stories In Trance. How It Was, As It Is, So It Goes...

Matt Carter


SIT 51 Stories In Trance Presents 'Endeavour EP'

SIT 51 Stories In Trance Presents 'Endeavour EP'
Stories In Trance is thrilled to present our 51st release and first of 2013 with the Endeavour EP. After the success of our first two Extended Play collections, In Quarto EP (SIT #20) and the Tibbs EP (SIT #44) we decided to start off the New Year and our second half century of releases with our third label EP. This four track offering includes debuts from Four Points & Konstantin Svilev as well as offerings from Stories In Trance stalwart White Motion and recent discovery David Surok.Released world wide on Monday 7th January 2013.