SIT 109 Igor Stroom - Yushanly

SIT 109 Igor Stroom - Yushanly.

Released on Monday 13th October 2014.

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Stories In Trance give you SIT 109 by Igor Stroom with the three track single Yushanly.

Named in honour of his homeland, up first we have the original mix of Yushanly. Following on from his excellent remix of Zos Van Zindell's Victorious (SIT 103), Igor is back with his first original since The Sun (SIT 48). Yet again he shows why he has become one of Eastern Europe's most notable producers. A perfectly well balanced and melodically strong track accompanied by his usual fantastic production technique he produces a real progressive masterpiece. With beautiful layering this is a stunning track from Igor and a brilliant addition to his ever impressive catalogue of tracks and remixes. Sure to be a smash in any set or mix.

Next up is the Craig London remix. Craig's career to date has seen him make plenty of impressive appearances on SIT with some fine remixes and originals, most recently his awesome track A New Beginning (Trance is Here Anthem, SIT 107). So, fresh from that Craig offers another remix repaying the favour to Igor Stroom who so expertly remixed his last original. Showcasing his vast talents, this energetic and infectious track uses all the melodic excellence from the original and fuses that with Craig's usual production finery that results in a delightful musical journey. This is yet another slice of sumptuous trance that adds to his ever-flourishing reputation.

The final part of this release is the Matt Mancid remix. Hailing from Germany, Matt is on remix duty for the fourth time following his last track his version of Vaali's Say What (SIT 93). This remix is a perfect representation of his talents; a beautiful, warm and fantastically well produced piece of trance that has all the qualities of Igor’s piece with Matt's own distinctive touches that gives a brilliant alternative to the original.

With this release Stories In Trance shows once again why it is the most diverse and individual label in trance. Always driven by the ideals that we started out with and our ever keen attention to detail, we encourage freedom of expression from all involved in our projects. The end result is pure, undiluted creativity. Because of this, and above all, we are proud to put them out there.

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