About Us


Stories in Trance. Our objective is just that. Good music is about conveying a message, an emotion, a story.

Created in December 2009 by Matt & Thomas, and independently run, Stories In Trance is a digital trance music label based in Leeds, England. We have been listening to trance since the mid 1990's, immediately connecting and identifying with the energy, infectious melodies and creativity of music that inspires the soul, and it stirred something inside us both that would become part of who we are. From the beginnings of the greats ascent to the top of their field, early work by Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, M.I.K.E (Push) and the totally unique, well polished productions from the BXR Media Italy stable, (spearheaded by Mauro Picotto, Mario Piu and Gianfranco Bortolotti), had us hooked. From there on, trance was the soundtrack to our lives.

Over fifteen years, 2000 vinyls and thousands of digital downloads later, Stories In Trance was born. We decided to put something back into a scene that has given us so much pleasure, but want to run our label free from the shackles of sub-genres and obsessions with what category our offerings fall into. This is just about good music, and if that is the sole focus of the listener it will find those who can judge and enjoy on a track's individuality and merits alone.

Alongside the label, there is also the monthly radio show "Stories In Trance- The Chapters" which Originally ran from July 2010 until January 2012 on Mugasha.com and returned to Soundcloud and Mixcloud in May 2015, allowing us to showcase all that we believe is great and imaginative about this genre, heavily featuring the best classic tracks that formed the basis of what is emulated in modern trance.

And so here we are. Free from restraint, and working with our artists in an ethical and positive manner, Stories In Trance continues to forge its own path, telling it's own story. One we hope you can connect with.



As Stories In Trance continues to grow, we join forces with those who share our ethics, ambition and passion for music. And so, we give you Dan Garton, who is our Sound and Vision Technician. Dan has been working with us for several years, overseeing a number of projects by applying his sound expertise to master a number of our releases, as well as having a creative input on the website dynamics and visuals. As part of the package we at SIT offer to our featured producers, Dan provides a comprehensive mastering service for all our signed tracks: being responsible for the polish on a vast amount of our finished releases, his skills have met with critical acclaim from those in the industry. 

Music has always played a huge part in Dan’s life. Fascinated with the massive emotional connection it can create, and the feelings that it stimulates within, experimentation began from as early as five years old, with a small Casio keyboard giving him an outlet for his natural imagination and creativity to develop.

After attending a Roadshow presentation by a local Yamaha music school, Dan began his involvement with the Electronic Organ, culminating years later through the London College of Music reaching classical training Grade 7. His performance side was being supported by his creative ability, delving more into music production, successfully studying music technology at GCSE and BTEC National Qualification levels. This natural progression led to Dan studying this at degree level, culminating with a Honorary Bachelor Degree of Art in Creative Music Technology.

Having gained a valuable insight into industry standards and techniques, Dan’s knowledge and ability to exploit professional studio equipment have led to him taking this further as a career. He is now expressing his imagination, knowledge and experience on a professional level, providing top notch technical expertise to others. Dan is a key member of the team, and we are proud to have him as part of the Stories In Trance family.

Dan can be contacted direct via dgartonproductions@gmail.com, or visit his website at http://dgartonproduction.wordpress.com/


This is not just another digital trance label. We work with the best new producers who have imagination, talent and an ability to bring something different. We collaborate with new and established artists in bringing you further remix interpretations of already creative tunes. We share our passion with those who share our ambition. We continue to develop a global roster of new and established artists and producers and are cultivating a team of people that share our goal of a truly unique trance label where creativity knows no bounds.
Our Story Continues...