Stories In Trance - Chapter 85 (2023 Summer Special)



Summer may well be fading away, but SIT return with Chapter 85 and an extended summer special, featuring some of the best material trance bestowed upon us over the last few months. And we kick off with the latest release from us here at SIT, the superb Matt Mancid remix of Jens Jakob's Grey Cloud 2023 - not just a shameless piece of self promotion but because it's a damn fine track! 

Following that, we present LostLegend, Trance Wax, another sublime Breakfast original, this edition's Special Mention from Cold Blue, Luke Terry, Sean Mathews, DJ Fait & Andy Jay Powell featuring Kim Alex, Savon X Andy Jay Powell, Wavetraxx & S.H.O.K.K., SIT's previous release from Vince Schuld with Summit Pass, Asteroid, Kinetica & Inversed, and FAWZY & Daniel Kandi & Nick V rounding off the collaborations section and taking us to full time. 

We might not do as many of The Chapters as we used to, but there is absolutely no compromise on quality. 78 minutes of pure trance goodness is just one click away...


SIT 180 Jens Jakob - Grey Cloud 2023


SIT 180 Jens Jakob - Grey Cloud 2023

Released On Friday 4th August 2023

Stories In Trance returns for 2023 with this superb new release from Danish producer Jens Jakob This is SIT 180 - the two track single Grey Cloud 2023, including the Original and Matt Mancid remix.

First released on SIT 85 in 2013, ten years later Jens has reworked his original production and this time has Stories In Trance favourite, Matt Mancid backing him up with his fine remix. One not to be missed!


Stories In Trance - Chapter 84



WE ARE BACK!! After a break from the decks, The Chapters return with our first episode of 2023 and we're bringing the very best of brand new. 

We feature a superlative new Johan Gielen remix of Vimana, BT's classic Flaming June being rethought by Dan Thompson, a proper banger from Will Atkinson, S.H.O.K.K. & Wavetraxx & Bodo Kaiser getting slightly fettled by us here at SIT with an exclusive Triumvirate edit, Solarstone, a double helping from Sean Tyas, Made Of Light's interpretation of Robert Miles' Children, Slipstream & Sonic Element, a driven and emotive remix of Activa from Cold Blue, then SIT favourites DJ Fait & Andy Jay Powell conclude events. 

There is still life in trance yet, so The Chapters live on. For the best of now, with no filler, no agenda, it's just one more click away...


Stories In Trance - Chapter 83



As 2022 enters its end game, The Chapters return for its fifth edition of the year with Thomas Carter guiding you through some absolutely five star old school bangers! Featuring a belting Above & Beyond remix of a seminal Tomcraft track, The Thrillseekers, an epic from BT, Tiesto, Rank 1, M.I.K.E.'s lesser spotted Virtua Trancer, Russenmafia, DJ Bismark vs Philippe Rochard, trance perfection from Mass In Orbit, and a monster from the legend that is Mauro Picotto ends proceedings. 

Click play and for 68 minutes remember and dream of better times. 


Stories In Trance - Chapter 82



And we go again! The fourth Chapter of 2022 is here, blending a connoisseur's selection of some of the best new and slightly matured trance into 65 nicely distilled minutes. 

We feature Marc Baz & Daniel Kandi (with a little pace added to zing this up!), Tempo Giusto, a truly magnificent remix from Activa (which for the second Chapter in a row earns him the SIT Special Mention), Push, a forgotten gem from Blue Twinkle, Super8, potent remix output from Xijaro & Pitch of the new Richard Durand & Susana track, the brand new release from us at SIT from Vince Schuld in the form of a quality Matt Mancid remix, Yakooza, and pure finesse from Mac & Monday seeing it out.

We're Stories In Trance and we're proud of it. Here's why...


SIT 179 Vince Schuld - Summit Pass


SIT 179 Vince Schuld - Summit Pass

Released On Friday 19th August 2022

Stories In Trance return for 2022 with this superb new release from Vince Schuld! This is SIT 179 - the two track single Summit Pass, including the Original and Matt Mancid remix.

Leading off is the Original mix. And it's a welcome return to SIT for this talented US producer after featuring on some high profile labels such as FSOE, Discover and Pure Trance Recordings, and there is more of that quality in evidence here with this powerful yet atmospheric track. Huge low end drive underpins some luscious mids and sweeping atmosphere, all properly balanced in this potent track. One to give any mix real energy, Summit Pass is pure Vince Schuld.  

On remix duties is SIT favourite Matt Mancid. Never one to flood the market, you know that when one of his productions turns up it's going to be special. After his last original production Ad Astra (SIT 177) and his brilliant remix of Vaali's Another Truth (SIT 178) Matt returns with this superlative remix. His pure talent allows him to adapt the key elements of the original with his own imaginative vision to create a track of clarity, power and delicate layering. A worthy addition to this release by a producer SIT are always proud to feature.  

Another release that once again shows why Stories In Trance is the most diverse and individual label in trance. Always driven by the ideals that we started out with set alongside our unparalleled attention to detail, we encourage freedom of expression from all involved in our projects. The end result is pure, undiluted creativity. Because of this, and above all, we are proud to put them out there.

Our story continues...


Stories In Trance - Chapter 81



Yes, we're still here, flying the flag for all that is great about trance! The third edition of 2022 brings some of the very best of right now, featuring some absolute bit hitters from the last few months. None bigger than what we lead off with: Mauro Picotto's recent rethink of Komodo. Following on is DMPV & Anveld, a cracker from Daniel Kandi, Dan Thompson, a gem from the SIT back catalogue from Airborne Angel, Ben Gold, SIT's Special Mention in the form of a beautiful Activa remix, a superb Sean Mathews track that us at SIT have had a little fettle with, Andy Jay Powell with Savon, and a potent little remix from Stoneblue to wrap. 

We still believe that trance has something special to offer, and we hope that the 61 minutes presented here will prove our case!