Stories In Trance - Chapter 81



Yes, we're still here, flying the flag for all that is great about trance! The third edition of 2022 brings some of the very best of right now, featuring some absolute bit hitters from the last few months. None bigger than what we lead off with: Mauro Picotto's recent rethink of Komodo. Following on is DMPV & Anveld, a cracker from Daniel Kandi, Dan Thompson, a gem from the SIT back catalogue from Airborne Angel, Ben Gold, SIT's Special Mention in the form of a beautiful Activa remix, a superb Sean Mathews track that us at SIT have had a little fettle with, Andy Jay Powell with Savon, and a potent little remix from Stoneblue to wrap. 

We still believe that trance has something special to offer, and we hope that the 61 minutes presented here will prove our case!