SIT 54 White Motion - Come Inside

SIT 54 White Motion - Come Inside

Stories In Trance is delighted to present our 54th release. We give you White Motion with Come Inside.

Stories In Trance favourite White Motion is back with his fifth original which this time out includes Soundwave and spArk remixes. Any follower of ours will surely know White Motion's vast and extensive back catalogue of tracks and remixes from the last couple of years, his most recent outings in the shape of original tracks Mind Station on Tibbs EP (SIT #44) and Bittersweet Memories on Endeavour EP (SIT #51). Yet again this is another production to enjoy; an elegant melody backed with beautiful and subtle mids combined to create a warm, well produced track. This is pure trance excellence, a sure fire hit in any mix or set.

The second remix is brought to you by Italian Soundwave with his 'Uninvited' remix. Soundwave made his bow for us with his stunning 'Classic' remix of Airborne Angel's Belt Of Orion (SIT #19) and backed that up with two equally epic yet diverse originals; Last Moments features on the well regarded In Quarto EP (SIT #20) and Lost In A Dream (SIT #27) plus his most recent remix of Igor Stroom's Aura (SIT #45). Soundwave showcases his immense and diverse talent, expertly fusing his uplifting sound with a more techy progressive edge, masterfully crafting the lead amongst sublimely produced mids and bass. With such an evocative feel this is a winning remix and perfect advert for his talents.

For the second remix we have Egyptian producer spArk. He made a fine debut with his original track Clouds Come (SIT #17) and followed that with his euphoric retake on Max Stealthy's Arrinera (SIT #25), setting the standard high for his follow up original in the form of My Freedom (SIT #37) which lived up to the expectation. This time he turns his hand to reinterpreting a more progressive track and takes it down his now signature uplifting style which works a treat. Energy, emotion, power and pace, this is everything trance should be and adds a fantastic slant on the original. Once again this shows the diversity Stories In Trance is proud to promote with our tracks and remixes and this is one to savour for certain.

Stories In Trance aims to uncover the most talented and imaginative new producers and team up with some of the more established names in the scene to work together in evolving the sound. This release sticks firmly to our philosophy of showcasing a diverse range of sounds within trance and we hope you'll enjoy the variety of imagination and creativity on offer in this release.

Released world wide on Monday 18th February 2013

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