SIT 78 Jens Jakob - Euphorica

SIT 78 Jens Jakob - Euphorica

Released on Monday 9th September 2013.

Stories In Trance present SIT 78 by Jens Jakob with the three track single Euphorica.

Jens Jakob makes his debut with us but to date has an extensive production career spanning tracks and remixes on labels such as Beyond Recordings, Undervise, Dirt, Lies & Audio Recordings, TFB, Muziek Colours, Mixtunes, Tohoku Recordings, OSS, Spaced Out Recordings and Nu Communicate. Jens gives us a truly fine track with a brilliant lead melody, backed up with powerful and energetic mids and potent low end drive. A fantastic slice of pure trance that takes its place alongside some of the best of 2013 to date.

The first remix comes from Stories In Trance legend Derrick Meyer who brings his distinct style to craft this superb version. Being one of the USA's best uplifting trance producers, Derrick's back catalogue with us is vast and equally great with his last remix of Heavenly Delight (SIT #73) being a perfect illustration of his exceptional talent. Once again he delivers the goods adding his usual production excellence to the unmistakable melodic dynamics and expertly polished layering - something ever present and always greatly impressive in Derrick's work, which all amount to a brilliant and truly bespoke track.

The third version comes in the shape of another debut and it's with great pride we are pleased to offer Michele Cecchi's remix. We have been big fans of Michele's work for some time so we were delighted to get him on board with us. His production career to date spans appearances on labels Trance All Stars, Bonzai, Nile Tunes Recordings, Linger, Diverted and his longstanding involvement with the Neuroscience and E Musica stable. With this awesome remix he shows why he is so highly regarded within the trance scene. Great use of the lead backed up with all the production class you would expect from a producer of this pedigree. An immense remix and the perfect way to round out another release we at Stories In Trance are proud to offer up.

Stories In Trance aims to uncover the most talented and imaginative new producers and team up with some of the more established names in the scene to work together in evolving the sound. This release sticks firmly to our philosophy of showcasing a diverse range of sounds within trance and we hope you'll enjoy the variety of imagination and creativity on offer.

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