SIT 82 D.Garton Productions - Ignite

SIT 82 D.Garton Productions - Ignite

Released on Monday 14th October 2013.

Stories In Trance gives you SIT #82 from one of our very own. This is D.Garton Productions with the four track single Ignite.

Up first we have the Original, in the form of a debut solo production by Stories In Trance's sound engineer, the mastering and technical wizard Dan Garton. Dan is one third of the Triumvirate project and this time he shows us his own flair as well as the influences of his work as part of Triumvirate. A superbly well produced track, Ignite is a perfect example of Dan's comprehensively educated musical background. A truly warm glow exudes from this piece, with fantastic layering and a great lead melody all making up a beautifully well balanced and sublimely put together track. How trance should always be, Dan Garton is a pure musical talent.

Up second we have Max Stealthy's version. Max has an extensive list of tracks and remixes with us, most recently his fine version of Thunderwolf's China Spring (SIT #79). Max has built up a potent reputation for himself with his consistent production prowess and once again he serves up a truly brilliant track, expertly evolving the great lead melody, backed with fantastic effects, depth and driving mids. Max's production technique continues to go from strength to strength showing yet more innovation and imagination. A great remix to add to his fantastic discography.

The next remix comes from Englishman and trance powerhouse Craig London. Craig's career to date has seen him make an immense arrival on Stories In Trance with his epic remix of Sakiva’s Hammer (SIT #63) and most recently his fantastic remix of Thunderwolf's China Spring (SIT #79). Expertly adapting the lead into an uplifting and energetic version of the original, this has all the qualities to be a major success. Craig perfectly shows his undoubted talents with this remix and why we should all keep an eye on this very promising producer in the future.

Finishing up this generous package is Konstantin Svilev’s offering. Konstantin made his debut on Endeavour EP (SIT #51) with City and since then has played a big part on our label with several fine tracks and remixes most recently with his rethink of David Surok's Breeze (SIT #71). He is at his best again with this energetic and ever progressing original. The great lead is backed with fantastic atmosphere, excellent mids and subtle yet unmistakable percussion which all add up to a wonderful remix. Be sure to check out more of Konstantin's work with us in the future.

That rounds off this awesome four track offering with input from the very best of our label's artists, all of which bring their unmistakable talents to this package and make it a release we are very proud of.

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