SIT 97 Craig London - Bright Lights

SIT 97 Craig London - Bright Lights.

Released on Monday 28th April 2014.

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Stories In Trance give you SIT 97 by Craig London with the three track single Bright Lights.

Craig's career to date has seen him make plenty of impressive appearances with us with some fine remixes and originals, most recently the remix release of his massive track featuring Lokka, Falling Down (SIT #95). Once again Craig is on top form showcasing his vast talents with this warm and infectious track that ebbs and flows with seamless transitions between the brilliant melody and driving mids and bass. This is an energetic yet subtle production with a beautiful and evocative feel: a truly fine piece of work and another standout track to add to Craig's ever impressive discography.

The first remix comes from Sanglare, who are no strangers to SIT even though it's been a little while since their last appearance for us which came in the shape of their superb remix of Vaali's 'My City' (SIT #81). Once again they show why they're held in such high regard by us with a truly stunning remix using the lead melody and subtle piano synths to great effect whilst perfectly complimenting them with deep, rich mids and bass. These guys really know how to produce big room trance! A standout track that is sure to be a big hit with DJ's and trance fans alike.

The final part of this release comes from Bionique (Aleksandr Voloshin) with his third remix for SIT after his fine version of Skywell’s Movements (SIT #94). He gives us a perfect illustration of his abilities with this fabulous remix: the great lead melody is backed up with stunning atmospheric and melodic touches which combined with the ever evolving layering make this a terrific track from a very promising producer. A great way to round off what is an exceptionally strong release offering three fantastic versions of an awesome track.

With this release Stories In Trance shows once again why it is the most diverse and individual label in trance. Always driven by the ideals that we started out with and our ever keen attention to detail, we encourage freedom of expression from all involved in our projects. The end result is pure, undiluted creativity. Because of this, and above all, we are proud to put them out there.

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