SIT 100 Garton & Carter Present Triumvirate - The Persistence Of Memory (Centenary Mixes)

SIT 100 Garton & Carter Present Triumvirate - The Persistence Of Memory (Centenary Mixes).

Released On Monday 9th June 2014.

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Stories In Trance are extremely proud to give to the world SIT #100 by Garton & Carter Present Triumvirate with the five track single The Persistence Of Memory - Centenary mixes.

After over four years and 99 releases we reach our century in fine style, from SIT #1 by Airborne Angel with Apollo on June 28th 2010 we have featured tracks and remixes by 82 different artists from around the globe within all the best trance styles that the sound has to offer and with that ideal always in mind we reach our century by reprising SIT #60's The Persistence Of Memory.

Up first we have the 2014 Restoration as Garton & Carter under their Triumvirate alias rework their first original production. Inspired by the older structure and style of trance, which was the reason we were drawn to the music in the late 1990's, we offer up something reminiscent of the good old days. Using state of the art studio equipment we have produced an old school power trancer. This time we make the track shorter and more potent by beefing up the bass and kick, adding some more driving percussive layering throughout and the addition of the beautiful Armenian instrument, the Duduk. The delightfully crafted lead melody is backed with sublime layering and a mesmeric break which culminates powerfully into something special. This is one for fans of everything that trance once was to savour and the perfect track for us to mark our 100th release.

Next we have the first of four remixes, and this one comes from Stories In Trance legend Max Stealthy. Fresh from his sensational remix of Skywell’s Pressure (SIT #98) Max once again delivers the goods. He uses all the melodic components against a punchy kick and driving mids to awesome effect. This is a really top class production from one of our very favourite artists; an absolute must have for any and all trance enthusiasts.

In third we give you the Vaali remix. Russian producer Vaali (Arthur Valiev) made his production debut with his fabulous track My City (SIT #81) and since then has backed that up with several excellent tracks and remixes- most recently offering up his double A-side Gladiator / Purple Blossom (SIT #96). In this short but truly superb remix Vaali makes every second count once again, as is now distinctive in his uplifting style. The immense lead melody is complimented with sensationally rich mids, underpinned with great effect by a deep driving kick making this an energetic and powerful track from a very creative and talented producer.

Following on we have the Igor Stroom remix. Igor is no stranger to SIT although it has been a while since his last appearance - his excellent remix of We Love Trance (SIT #77), Igor shows why he has become one of Eastern Europe's most notable producers. Perfectly using all the highlights of the original with his usual fantastic production technique he takes his remix down a more techy route, once again this is a stunning remix from Igor and a brilliant addition to his ever impressive catalogue of tracks and remixes. Sure to be a smash in any set or mix.

The final part of the 100th spectacular comes in the shape of yet another debut for Stories In Trance, this time from Starfi Electronica AKA Jason Mitchell. Under this alias he came to our attention with his awesome track Believe on AWJ Recordings earlier in 2014 and based on his production style we were very keen to work with him. There is no better way for this very talented artist to begin what is hopefully a long career with us than to finish off this truly special release in fine style. Taking the now unmistakable lead melody down a more progressive route this remix perfectly shows all his creativity and vision. A deep, rich and driving kick and bass added to the fantastic melodic components this is something very special indeed, a sophisticated and cultured piece of trance.

So that is SIT #100. It has been a long and ever interesting journey with many twists and turns but in the end we have put out the tracks we wanted, in the way we wanted. Unique, diverse, bespoke and individual driven by our collective ideals and vision that has and always will be Stories In Trance!

With thanks and gratitude to all that have helped and supported us along the way from all the SIT Team.

One hundred not out, Our story continues...