SIT 106 Vaali - Midnight EP

SIT 106 Vaali - Midnight EP.

Released on Monday 25th August 2014.

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Stories In Trance present SIT 106 by Vaali with the three track Midnight EP, including the tracks Midnight, The Firsen and Expectation.

Russian producer Vaali (Arthur Valiev) made his production debut with his fabulous track My City (SIT #81) and since then has backed that up with several excellent tracks and remixes- most recently offering up his remix of The Persistence Of Memory (Centenary Mixes, SIT #100). Once again he shows his vast and varied talents with three excellent tracks, starting with Midnight. In this short but truly superb track Vaali makes great use of every frame, with an immense lead melody complimented with beautifully rich mids, and underpinned with great effect by a deep driving kick which all makes this a fabulous track with an awesome feel.

Second on the EP is The Firsen. This time Vaali shows off his more uplifting style but even though this is the faster of the three tracks on the EP it doesn't lack any of the melodic and musical components of the other two. The fantastic lead melody is perfectly complimented by delightful atmospheric touches and the now trademark Vaali production excellence. This is a truly fine track.

The final offering is Expectation, and given how high the bar has been set by the standard of the EP to this point you won't be disappointed as yet again Vaali delivers the goods. This is a musical treat that is driven by strong, well defined melody and expertly garnished with subtle yet potent mids, every sound in the track adds something to the overall quality of the end product. It goes without saying that we are huge fans of Vaali's work as his productions illustrate everything that is great about trance, whatever the style.

With this release Stories In Trance shows once again why it is the most diverse and individual label in trance. Always driven by the ideals that we started out with and our ever keen attention to detail, we encourage freedom of expression from all involved in our projects. The end result is pure, undiluted creativity. Because of this, and above all, we are proud to put them out there.

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