SIT 108 Triumvirate - Nostalgic Echo (Including Mac & Monday Remix)

SIT 108 Triumvirate - Nostalgic Echo (Including Mac & Monday Remix).

Released on Monday 6th October 2014.

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Stories In Trance are proud to give to you SIT 108 by Triumvirate with this epic five track single Nostalgic Echo.

Up first we have the 1935 mix as Garton & Carter under their Triumvirate alias offer up their second original production after the two incarnations of The Persistence Of Memory- the original release (SIT 60) and the Centenary rework (SIT 100). Inspired by the older structure and style of trance, which was the reason we were drawn to the music in the late 1990's, we offer up something reminiscent of the best of times. Using state of the art studio equipment we have produced a powerful old school trancer, driven and structured around original melodic composition and supplemented by the deep, rich bass and kick, adding some driving percussive layering throughout and the addition of some beautiful piano synths. The delightfully crafted lead melody is backed with sublime layering and a mesmeric potent break which culminates powerfully into something special. This is one for fans of everything that trance once was to savour, in the ever decreasing company of tracks that are guided by originally composed melodies and underpinned by ever evolving and progressing structures. Real music isn't just about the latest, most modern sounds or plugins: most importantly it should make the listener feel something and engage you by letting the concept and composition be interpreted by those who listen. We hope you enjoy.

Up next we have something very special indeed, an incredible remix from Hungarian duo Mac & Monday! Eight years after their first productions under Mac & Monday, Norbert Darvas & Dávid Németh have made many excellent tracks and remixes on some of the biggest labels in the scene such as Premier, In Trance We Trust, Dedicated, Monster Tunes, Harmonic Breeze and most prolifically Borderline. For their remix they give us something truly spectacular; a driving and powerful track that focuses on the more atmospheric parts of the original and add some of their own cultured and sublimely well rounded melodic touches. Mac & Monday are one of our favourite artists in the scene and their remix is something that is to be savoured, standing alongside some of the very best trance of all time. This track is a must have for all true trance enthusiasts and makes an essential addition to any and all sets and mixes. This is without question a track for the ages!

The second remix comes from SIT stalwart Craig London. Craig's career to date has seen him make plenty of impressive appearances on SIT with an abundance of fine remixes and originals, most recently his awesome track A New Beginning (Trance Is Here Anthem, SIT 107). So, fresh from that Craig offers another remix showcasing his vast talents with this energetic and infectious take on the original that ebbs and flows seamlessly. This remix focuses around just a few of the melodic components of the original but builds around them to great effect with driving low end mids and superb atmospheric layering: this is yet another slice of excellent trance from Craig and another fabulous remix that adds to his ever-flourishing reputation.

The next remix comes from Stories In Trance legend Derrick Meyer who brings his unique style to create this superb version. Being one of the USA's best uplifting trance producers, Derrick's back catalogue with us is vast and equally great with his last outing - his remix of Craig London’s Falling Down (SIT 95) - being a perfect illustration of his exceptional talent. Once again he delivers the goods with his usual production excellence - his unmistakable musical dynamics and expertly polished use of the melodic components all amount to a brilliant retake on the original. Derrick always manages to surprise and delight with his inventiveness and supremely well composed productions, evidently a true master of his craft.

The final remix comes from Rhythmsport who makes his second appearance with us after his debut remix of Blue Water (SIT 103). Here he puts his own spin on the original taking it down a more techy and aggressive route balancing an infusion of the original components against ideas of his own. A fine structure is perfectly complimented by an ever developing melody and superb mids and pads which all add up to a very accomplished and impressive remix. Rhythmsport is without question an exciting and very promising newcomer.

With this release Stories In Trance shows once again why it is the most diverse and individual label in trance. Always driven by the ideals that we started out with and our ever keen attention to detail, we encourage freedom of expression from all involved in our projects. The end result is pure, undiluted creativity. Because of this, and above all, we are proud to put them out there.

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