Perfect State gets a Revisit!

If you look to the top of the website you'll see the Back Track tab. It is well worth a click, as since it's inception this little feature has been causing quite a stir! So, to celebrate not only yet another imaginative and unique concept from Stories In Trance but also the superlative track that is the focus of June 2015's edition, we are proud to announce the re-release of Airborne Angel's Perfect State!

Available from the 13th July this comes back to you with all new remixes from the very best of the SIT roster: Craig London and Basil XM, plus the centre of it all, Gustaf Westin's Original 'SIT 24' version. So, to understand the full weight behind this massive release, get yourself over to Back Track and enjoy the build up for what is sure to be a notable highlight within the trance scene this year!