SIT 125 Max Stealthy - One Day I Desire (Recharged)

SIT 125 Max Stealthy - One Day I Desire (Recharged)

Released on Friday 23rd October 2015.


Stories In Trance present SIT 125 by Max Stealthy with the three track single One Day I Desire (Recharged).

Originally featuring on Max Stealthy's debut release on SIT, the Charge EP (SIT 14) in Autumn 2011, One Day I Desire gets its own release alongside two superb remixes.

First up on the release is the original version.  As with all of Max Stealthy's productions on SIT the composition is second to none, the delicate melody and subtle usage of layering all make up a fine original creation. This track was the perfect way to round off the Charge EP and once again here it stands up to the mark over four years later on its own release.

The reinterpretations begin with Triumvirate's 'Miles Away' remix. Fresh from their latest original release Still Glow The Embers (SIT 116) Triumvirate are back on remix duties with this sensational track. Using the remix pack in the best possible way, they re-imagine the original version with phenomenal results. Restructuring the lead melody, the trance bass and the melodic layering, every element has been expertly re-interpreted with the upmost care and attention. This track has an energetic feel right from the start; powerful, aggressive and emotional, every single second of this piece of music is vital to the overall dynamic. Rich, deep low end power provides the underpinnings which is complimented by a sweeping saw lead melody, fantastic piano layering, and ever evolving percussion which along with the grand, emotive vocals provides the garnish. This remix comes in at under 7 minutes yet has two unique and different euphoric climaxes with individual trance bass movements and bass drops. This very intelligent track is for every true lover of proper trance music.

The second remix comes from Germany's Matt Mancid. On the back of his stellar remix of Triumvirate's Still Glow The Embers (SIT 116) Matt is on remix duties again with another superb offering. He takes the track down a more uplifting path than we are used to with his productions, using all of the original's fantastic components and musical elements to brilliant effect. Then, once our in-house mastering master Dan Garton worked his magic, the finished article shines as a great alternative to the original and once again adds to Matt's ever growing reputation as a top class producer.

With this release Stories In Trance shows once again why it is the most diverse and individual label in trance. Always driven by the ideals that we started out with and our ever keen attention to detail, we encourage freedom of expression from all involved in our projects. The end result is pure, undiluted creativity. Because of this, and above all, we are proud to put them out there.

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