SIT 134 Airborne Angel - The Collection

SIT 134 Airborne Angel - The Collection.

Released on Friday 22nd April 2016.

Stories In Trance proudly give to the world SIT 134 by Airborne Angel with the ten track artist album 'The Collection'.

The Collection is the second artist album to be released on SIT after Max Stealthy's It's A Matter Of Time (SIT 88) and this time we turn our attention to Airborne Angel's original discography on Stories In Trance.

Airborne Angel (Gustaf Westin) will forever be held in the highest regard by all at SIT, with his track Apollo starting our label's journey in superlative style back in the summer of 2010. His fantastic work continued to grace Stories In Trance over the years and was met with acclaim from DJ's, fellow producers and trance fans alike. The mixture of instantly memorable lead melodies and the unmistakable production finesse always proved to be a winning combination within the trance scene.

Within these ten tracks we believe there to be some of the very best original creations in trance over the last decade. Never afraid to experiment whilst always adhering to a fastidious creative process, the broad structure of trance styles covered in these tracks perfectly illustrates the imaginative ideals and first-rate execution that made his productions stand out from the crowd. These tracks will forever sound fresh and innovative.

We at Stories In Trance are extremely proud to have released productions of this standard individually over the last six years and we think 'The Collection' is a fitting tribute to the legend that is Airborne Angel.

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Check out all the tracks on the album with the video below: