Stories In Trance - Chapter 54


The second half of 2018 begins with Chapter Fifty Four, and the fifth episode of the year features some absolute sublime modern tracks and remixes. Let me hit you with the specifics: kicking off with the newest release on SIT - Airborne Angel and his own excellent Brake Force remix of Again, Exolight & Suncatcher with a brand new beauty, 4 Strings, a lost gem in Nitrous Oxide's remix of Signalrunners, the superlative Breaking Ties from Above & Beyond, a world first exclusive play of the next release here on SIT from key player I5land, Ferry Corsten & Haliene, Craig London on full power again with his Dunes, Overtone Vs Nash & Pepper, and S.H.O.K.K tearing it up with his mix of Dreams 2018 to wrap.

63 minutes of pretty much the best trance can do. It is worth a click...