SITS3 The Stories In Trance Collection - Spectra: Part Yellow

SITS3 The Stories In Trance Collection - Spectra: Part Yellow

Released on Friday 20th December 2019.

Celebrating 10 years of Stories In Trance, we welcome you back for the third in the series of our absolute best from a decade's worth of releases. 

Our belief in the project was clear from day one. We think the strength of the label is in its diversity and over the years have presented work covering a wide range of flavours within the trance genre, and sometimes beyond. We have worked with a global roster of talent, all featuring because of their vision and encouraged to express that within their work with little interference from us. The results have stood the test of time, not only garnering support from some of the scene's biggest names but featuring prominently in sales charts and online plays. So what better way to pay tribute to the uniqueness of our story than to share with you our favourites from every single release on SIT. 

This is a little bit of all of it, the whole story. This is Spectra - The Stories In Trance Collection and we carry on here with part Yellow, releases 41 through 60.

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