Stories In Trance - Chapter 69


Chapter 69 is here, so please, come on in! The Fourth episode of 2020 features another carefully considered blend of new and old, with a couple of SIT exclusives. Let us walk you through what's on offer:
The first play anywhere of the forthcoming new original from SIT legend Vaali, a cracking new track from DRYM, a beautiful modern classic from JPL, London & Niko, superlative 'Suncatcher' styled vibes from Sunlight State, yet more brilliance from Push, Trance Arts, Jordan Suckley, a potent blast from the past from DJ Wag, the SIT Special Mention in the form of DJ Klubbingman & Andy Jay Powell's latest stormer, and the first play of the brand new SNDWV track Tucana.

Any shape, size, style and speed - we celebrate the best of the entire trance genre. You're just one more click away from another story in trance...