SIT 65 Matt Mancid - Anti-Climax

SIT 65 Matt Mancid - Anti-Climax

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Released on Monday 6th May 2013.

This is Stories In Trance 65. We are proud to present the three track single Anti-Climax by Matt Mancid.

Hailing from Germany, Matt Mancid gives us his first original on Stories In Trance after his debut for us with his impressive remix of David Surok's Avalon (SIT #62). Matt's production career to date has seen him make appearances on labels such as Technotrance-essentials.com, German Engineering, Euro-Dancer.com, Niiemo and Trance Allstars. Anti-Climax is a perfect representation of his talents, with captivating piano keys this is a beautiful, warm and fantastically well produced piece of trance and certainly a standout track. Look out for plenty more great tracks and remixes from Matt in the coming months.

Backing up the superb original we have Ukraine's Igor Stroom with his offering. After his excellent debut with Radiant (SIT #36) and subsequent follow ups Hope (SIT #41), Aura (SIT #45) and The Sun (SIT #48), he then turned his focus to remixes.  His sensational interpretation of Apollo (Relaunched) for our landmark 50th release was highly regarded and his most recent remix was a cracking version of Konstantin Svilev's Exit (SIT #56). Igor once again shows why he has become one of Eastern Europe's  most notable young producers. Perfectly using all the best bits of the original with his usual fantastic production technique, once again this is a stunning remix and a brilliant addition to his ever impressive catalogue of tracks and remixes. An absolute must have in any set or mix.

The second remix comes from Ukraine's Lev Rubel. Lev made his production debut for Stories In Trance with Insomnia as featured on the Tibbs EP (SIT #44) in October 2012. He backed that up with Fairyland (SIT #53) and Share Your Moment (SIT #61) and in addition gave us fantastic remixes of Ethereal (SIT #49), Bridgestone (SIT #52) and Exit (SIT #56). He continues to showcase his undoubted talent with another great remix; warm and delicate backing to the brilliant lead melody, a delightful flow and feel infused with his excellent production expertise making this a track to relish. Lev is a producer who continues to be widely influential on Stories In Trance.

Stories In Trance aims to uncover the most talented and imaginative new producers and team up with some of the more established names in the scene to work together in evolving the sound. This release sticks firmly to our philosophy of showcasing a diverse range of sounds within trance and we hope you'll enjoy the variety of imagination and creativity on offer in this release.

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