SIT 66 spArk Featuring Kirsty Richardson - Moments

SIT 66 spArk Featuring Kirsty Richardson - Moments

Released on Monday 13th May 2013.

Stories In Trance proudly present SIT 66 and our very first vocal track.  We give you spArk featuring Kirsty Richardson with the fantastic four track single Moments.

spArk has become a major contributor to Stories In Trance and made a fine debut with his original track Clouds Come (SIT #17) in January 2012.  Proving that was no fluke he followed with his euphoric retake on Max Stealthy's Arrinera (SIT #25), setting the standard high for his second original My Freedom (SIT #37) which exceeded expectation.  His most recent remix was an excellent version of White Motion's Come Inside (SIT #54) and then backed that up with the superb and diverse four track Lost In You EP (SIT #59). This time he gives us Moments, aided with the beautiful vocals of Kirsty Richardson this perfectly illustrates all spArk's undoubted talents. With elements of both his uplifting and progressive styles, this is pure magic, warm, delicate, beautiful, captivating and always enchanting - exactly what vocal trance should be. Without doubt a massive release for 2013.

The first remix comes from a duo who are no strangers to Stories In Trance, but once again return under their new alias - Cosmic Doors - though you might know them better as BB Sound/Alexander One & Davide Battista. Italians Alexander One (Petrone Carmelo) and Davide Battista (Gabriele Stefanini) have made several outstanding appearances for Stories In Trance, including brilliant reinterpretations of Max Stealthy's Arrinera (SIT #25), White Motion's Solis (SIT #28), Yaven's Zeal (SIT #38),  French Skies' The Wings Of A Dream (SIT #58) and Lev Rubel's Share Your Moment (SIT #61) as well as their first original for us under their BB Sound alias with the seminal Oblique (SIT #33). Once again they are on top form adding their own flavour to the original and taking it down a more uplifting route while expertly using the vocals to great effect. Power, pace and energy are in abundance, a remix of the highest quality.

The second remix is from Cosmic Doors again but this time presented as the Alexander One & Davide Battista club remix. Focusing on more of the vocal elements of the track they take it down a more progressive route, with excellent flow and superb production techniques. With their two remixes here they cover all the bases, offering up everything that's great about vocal trance.

The final remix comes from Sweden's Ico (John Eriksson). With tracks and remixes so far on labels such as Diverted, D Max and Nile Tunes, his excellent work brought him to our attention last year so we were delighted to get him on board with his first remix for Stories In Trance, the superlative reinterpretation of Triumvirate's The Persistence Of Memory (SIT #60) and he has backed that up here with another stormer. Ico delivers an energetic, uplifting and emotional trancer with which he sublimely weaves the beautiful vocals into an all round uplifting powerhouse of a track. We feel Ico is certainly one of trance's best up and coming producers so keep a close eye on his future creations.

Stories In Trance aims to uncover the most talented and imaginative new producers and team up with some of the more established names in the scene to work together in evolving the sound. This release sticks firmly to our philosophy of showcasing a diverse range of sounds within trance and we hope you'll enjoy the variety of imagination and creativity on offer in this release.

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