Stories In Trance - Chapter 66 (Spectra Special)


How It Was, As It Is, So It Goes... this is STILL Stories In Trance! We continue into the new decade, and first things first, we celebrate 10 years of SIT!

Over recent weeks we have released Spectra, The Stories In Trance Collection, showcasing the best from every single one of our releases. So, to back that up, here we give you Chapter 66, the Spectra Special Edition. The first episode of 2020 features some of the very best tracks from the Spectra series, but, only those that have not previously figured in a Chapter. 10 forgotten gems! We give you productions from The Bluebear Project, Igor Stroom, Max Stealthy, Vaali, Craig London, I5land, Forenetix, Daissen 'n' Witches, Aftermorning Productions and an absolute banger from Soundwave to wrap.

If you like what you hear here, then please check out the Spectra series via all our digital partners. Thank you for all your support, and we look forward to continuing our story well into the future...